Friday, April 9, 2010

Clifton Plaza is now open!

After more than a year in the making, the site of the former, nondescript, one-story building Bender Optical is now Clifton Plaza. Temporary fencing was removed from the public space and opened at approximately 12:45pm today. The plaza features scattered granite bench seating, circular table seating, two bar-style standing tables, and a solar-powered trash compactor. A can for recyclable plastics, glass, and metal containers will be installed at a later date. The finished product is perfect, attractive and modern public space for visitors and Clifton residents alike. The new plaza provides a more pleasant and accessible connection between the businesses on Ludlow Avenue and the merchant parking lot on Howell.

You will find additional details about the project in the coming days. Thank you to everyone involved with the project--workers and CTM Plaza Committee members alike!


Anonymous said...

Where is it exactly? Address?

Christian said...

That would be 333 Ludlow Avenue.

Matthew said...

I can't wait to sip my coffee overlooking the valley!

Kelly said...

Are there any plans to have a farmers market there? I love the market in northside & @ findlay, but it would be nice to have something IN the neighborhood, even if it were very small & informal

Christian said...


Actually, the Clifton Community Garden is set to begin in a couple weeks at Clifton and Dixmyth Avenues. I think that using the plaza space for a farmers market would be exceptional. I will mention this to the guys in charge of the garden. We may have something here, especially since it'd be a block and a half away!