Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obligatory "Happy Earth Day" post

Hello, readers! I hope you are celebrating Earth Day in your own respective ways. Living green is not about this one day of the year, of course. I like to think of Earth Day as a time to reflect on how we carry on from day-to-day, as our habits impact the environment. Many holidays are about giving gifts or giving thanks. Today, I encourage you to look at how we all individually impact the lives of others--other humans, all living creatures, and the Earth's composition as it was intended.

We all succumb to consumer culture, our own busy lives, and the incessant temptation to just do nothing. But it is vitally important to remind ourselves that we can always do more. As a community of any scale, a global village or a neighborhood, we have an abundance of untapped potential. We can absolutely enhance the lives of others through community, while impacting our own lives positively.

I ask you all to find time to become more involved in your communities, this year and every year beyond. As we empower our own communities, we increase the breadth of knowledge and experience--fuel or "people power"--that can be used to affect policy, create and recreate livable spaces, and build more lasting relationships.

I hope to see some of you, this weekend. Great American Cleanup activities will be happening throughout America, particularly in Cincinnati, local readers. Check Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to find a cleanup or landscaping project in your area. Carry your positive energy beyond today and this weekend.

Always thankful,
Christian Huelsman
Clifton Town Meeting, board member
CTM Green Clifton Committee, founder + co-chair
greeneyedcity, founder + proprietor

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