Saturday, April 3, 2010

DANCE_MOTHERNATURE and neighborhood bar recycling

By now, many young and hip Cincinnatians know what the first Saturday of each month brings. Since 2008, local art, film, and event collective PROJECTMILL has been running the monthly DANCE_MF event at Northside Tavern to a healthy crowd. To keep things fresh and interesting, each month's event comes with a theme. The April 2010 edition of DANCE_MF is all about green. From the associated facebook invite description:


Spring has sprung so come celebrate your chosen sun and rock and twig gods with a sweaty raindance this Saturday at NST, where we bring you... DANCE_MOTHERNATURE!

Green is the new black, so wear it! Also bring your old cell phones to drop in a box and be recycled by the zoo... something about chemicals in the SIM card or something... we're not sure but we support it!!

Only recycled dance moves acceptable this time, mf-ers.

See you there! Save the world!

Reduce, Reuse, Re-Running Man,

Well, greeneyedcity felt the need to get with the program, so to speak. There is always a need to improve recycling options and participation among bars and restaurants. However, the response from power wielders has left much to be desired.

Speaking to Northside Tavern owner Ed Rush, the Tavern was once part of a city pilot to augment recycling among bars. However, a changing of guards left a handful of public officials unwilling to support the project (which can be added to the mound of other useful projects that have been scoffed at by various elected officials). Rush, however, felt that Rumpke Recycling had reasonable rates. So the recycling of tons of beer bottle empties continued.

At the DANCE_MOTHERNATURE event, attendees are expected to wear green, bring in their old mobile phones for recycling (thanks to the Cincinnati Zoo's Cell Phone Recycling Program), and recycle those dance moves that only come out on special occasions. Perhaps some classics and mashups can be expected from the DJ.

In addition, greeneyedcity--with the help of HCDOES--will have installed several "clear-tainers" in the front and back bar areas. The tavern already recycles but many may not be aware of their longstanding commitment. The installation is symbolic of the unified support of waste reduction by the folks of Northside Tavern, PROJECTMILL, and greeneyedcity. Picture a multilayered array of back patting through progressive community brainstorming, and you're there.

Hope to see you out there on the dance floor.

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