Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Three luminous things to melt this slushy snowy mess

Three great things happened to me last week.

I finally landed a planning co-op job, within a forty-five minute drive of home, with a city planning department north of here. This will give me more time to save money for subsequent academic quarters, give more time for my kitty to live in one place for more than three months (it will get to that point, unfortunately for her), and I won't be "forced" out by my soon-to-be former roommate. That's another story entirely. I am very excited about the departments approach, future goals, and green standards already written into their comprehensive plan. I am eager to learn (and get paid!).

On a minor note in the grand composition, I nearly aced my literature midterm exam, despite never having taken a lit course, and never having to take one again. It requires hours of reading that I never undertook before, but I've learned so much. Topics in Literature: Women in Travel--this quarter has impressed me by the subtle crossover relevance between my classes. Contemporary Social Issues gives everyone the opportunity to really engage themselves through discussing issues that affect us all. Of course I always chime in with my natural planning perspective. Of course I'm straying... (I refuse to use the phrase "...but I digress"; it's disgusting and overused.)

Thirdly, my roommate is moving out! I know that might confused some who don't know the situation. Simply, she has different ideals than I do, and they clash. She has experienced all the common socialization of an upper middle class, white, suburban upbringing. She "knows what she wants," she stated in an argument we had last week, and she'll "stop at nothing to get it". That's fine and good, but she manufactures a different brand of judgment than I produce. I find her brand overpriced and with flashy packaging. No thanks. Perhaps we'll get along more easily when we are not living together. Meanwhile, her ex-friend (my acquaintance) "Brad" is moving in, and I think we're going to have a blast. No, really.

So, despite the great seventy degree weather we had yesterday, I didn't get a chance to run. Now we're heading into the thirties before another upswing on Monday. Priorities, as great as they are when you adhere to them, tend to get in the way of other life perks...naturally. I walked the streets during the afternoon on the way to the bank, but it was mostly me looking out from the inside. Income taxes are done. I voted today. Now I'm blogging instead of reading for my 3:30 lit class. So it goes.

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