Tuesday, March 4, 2008

May I have a bottomless cup, please?

I'm currently sitting at a coffeehouse to which I have been very loyal since their opening days in January. It's like my second living room, trumping the poor excuse of the one at my residence. I have my chili to the right of me, an empty bottomless mug I need to fill soon(!), and my iPod is playing Jawbreaker's "Sluttering (May 4th) to my right.

The girl working the counter, "Jane" has been a crush of mine for several years now, but nothing so serious that I made it a priority. Plus, she's a few years younger than I am.

When I was working at a drug store on the east side of town, I'd see her every few days after she got off from work. I had just entered my twenties when she was finishing up her senior year in high school. I never found any reason to pursue her, believing that we did not have enough commonality between us, and our lives were very different. Many years later, I've seen her around campus several times, crossing paths at a few parties off campus, and conveniently working as a barista here at the living room.

Without very strong expectations, I'd like to see if anything is possible with her. The way she carries herself really appeals to me. She's finishing up an undergrad program in women's studies and throwing around the idea of a master's degree in urban planning. Of course I know a bit about that, but I don't see that as a foothold of opportunity through my pursuit. Her bangs kill me, she enjoys great music, and I find that we hold more common things dear to us than we ever had before. I hope for a rendezvous soon enough, when neither of us are busy with our studies.

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