Sunday, October 7, 2007

Parlaient-elles le français en dehors de ma fenêtre?

Tonight I will be turning in early so that I can wake up even earlier than usual. Why? Well, Sundays are the special day when I get to work both my part-time jobs. This creates an impossible situation that prevents me from working on any school work. I'm not happy about but, after going through three consecutive weeks of it, it is now a way of life.

Upon getting out of the shower, a few minutes ago, I heard some chatter outside my window. I did not know what made me so curious, but could not pull my ears away from the window screen. I stood there in the darkness for nearly five minutes when I realized that they were speaking French next door! My heartbeat accelerated and I wanted to find someway--any way--to get in on that. Alas, I did not want to intrude. They were speaking it so beautifully too. My heart sank as I swooned.

My fluency, on the other hand, is shabby at the very best. What is a guy to do? I'm hungry for more.

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