Thursday, September 20, 2007

Le premier fois, le dernier fois (The first time, the last time)

I never planned to go on such a hiatus, but I have been bitten by the blogging bug once again.

My first day of my sophomore year was yesterday, which happened to be quite underwhelming. Based on my experience last year, I have learned that this is simply the calm before the storm. Part of the reason for my anxiety was a false sense of security. I feel that I am much more prepared to resist such temptation. Sure, I might be taking twenty-one credit hours but, success is imperative.

As this year progresses, my blog will likely include more bilingual elements. Yesterday my French classmates and I discovered that our course will be taught entirely in French. No longer would we be allowed to speak in English either. As our instructor stated--it will be very painful, and I anticipate that. But I will not fail at my quest to become fluent.

Oh, and I am currently working two part-time jobs in Northside: one at a video store on weekend nights; a second job at a fine dining restaurant, bussing tables two night per week and one night as a dishwasher. My Wednesdays will be hell, but I'll resist redundancy in stating my mission...


mia said...

are you a linguistics student? i'm learning French from my housemate atm. such an intriging language! tres interesant!
si romantique? is that quite right?!

Christian said...

Actually, I am an urban planning student. I want to eventually declare French as a minor, but this quarter is going to be quite rough. My French needs to improve, and I really need to find more time to devote to those studies as well.

Je pense que tu veux dire "C'est romantique?" ou "Si romantique--est-ce romantique?"

Do you have a messenger handle perhaps?

mia said...

i have one though im rarely online :

aw, i knowm uni can be a drag. dont let the it get you down. wooh uni!
I've tried figuring the french out and im lost :p