Monday, May 2, 2011

New On-Street Recycling Containers in Northside

Assumed to have been installed to coincide with the Great American Cleanup on April 16th, the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside has recently added on-street recycling containers along the Hamilton Avenue Business District.

The new receptacles are sleek, attractive, and easy to differentiate from the uniform trash containers, which can be found throughout the city. The containers were obtained through a grant, assisted by the Office of Environmental Quality. Recycling pickup has been contracted through Rumpke Recycling. Hopefully the design choice for the new recycling containers will encourage proper use, not as another place for passersby to throw their trash.

Located near Shake-It Records on the north side of Hamilton Avenue, near Lingo Street.

This measure capitalizes on Northside's growing reputation as one of Cincinnati's greenest neighborhoods. Already in the neighborhood are a variety of services and outlets for reuse, environmental awareness, and alternative transport methods.
  • Eateries Melt and The Grove feature a variety of locally-source, vegan and sustainable fare.
  • Fueled by the Easter Seals Work Resource Center, Building Value is the place to reclaim salvaged building materials and furnishings. They give a second life to quality, architectural components. Building Value also enables donors and buyers alike to obtain tax credits and LEED credits for their projects.
  • MOBO Bicycle Cooperative is the lone bike co-op in Cincinnati, boasting a membership of 600, as of 2011. Their central location enables reasonable access from all stretches of the city. A membership gives you access to tools, a slew of donated bikes for parts, and technical assistance from the friendly staff.
  • MOBO is part of the Village Green Foundation, which is a non-profit garden co-op that aims to grant "access to healthy foods for all the residents of the community.
  • Even reuse and consignment shops like Chicken Lays an Egg, Casablanca Vintage, and Shop Therapy offer a cornucopia of pre-loved clothing (the former), carefully selected clothing from the 40's to the 70's (second), and items for the home (the latter).
  • Fabricate is a gallery and retail store featuring locally homemade and handmade. Celebrating reuse and creativity!
  • Many Northside businesses recycle. Northside Tavern, for years, has diverted nearly all its glass bottle and aluminum can waste.
  • Let us not forget Northside Farmers Market, open year-round at Jacob Hoffner Park and North Presbyterian Church. Local organic produce, naturally raised meats, raw cheeses, and more.
Active Northside residents and businesses celebrate environmental activism, careful reuse of materials, and a sustainable urban neighborhood. Let's hope that Northside's hop to be the first neighborhood with on-street recycling will encourage others to follow suit.

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