Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ceci n'est ni spectaculaire ni cela n'est une pipe.

My brief break was resultant of my subpar academic work ethic. It's not quite there yet either, but after finishing off a pot of fettuccine with tomato basil, I happened to be in the mood to spill some beans here.

First of all, the weather is amazing today, and it has been for several consecutive days. It is a little difficult to be comfortable though, since it is presently sunny 84°F (29°C). When I say "comfortable", I'm talking about not having the willpower to do schoolwork as well as the humidity that is taking over. I will say that it sure beats temperatures below freezing. I would take my work outside but, knowing myself, I'd end up people watching and enjoying more of the day than I should. Decisions, decisions.

Today I found a brilliant music blog that happens to have the most impressive downloads I have ever seen in one place. I just enjoyed newer songs from Elk City, Travis, Cloud Cult, Klaxons, Moonbabies, The Rakes, Client, Johnny Boy, and Blood Red Shoes. All of them were quite good. If you know me, you realize how difficult it is for any music perspective to bat 1.000 with me. What can I say--certain music hits me just right. Perhaps I will be able to host downloads of my own, but for now...a link for 5 Acts can be found below.

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5 Acts said...

Thank you for the kind words!